Sarah Wallner, production expert and celebrity stylist ensures movies, top talent, magazine covers, live events, music videos and TV commercials sizzle with creative artistry.

If you’re looking for talented commercial production support or costume design and styling for your next TV commercial, music video, film or event, look no further.

Sarah, a respected member of the Costume Designers Guild, has over 20 years of industry experience including ongoing work alongside Motion Picture Costumers Local 705 in LA.

Sarah’s successfully blurred the lines between many successful careers, having worked on shoots, movies, TV and commercial sets most of her adult life. She’s a production expert, Hollywood wardrobe stylist, costume designer and owner of fashion brand, Musotica.

It’s this blend of experience that benefits Sarah’s famous Hollywood clients and wardrobe departments, advertising agencies, production companies, producers, top models and Instagram influencers, and multimedia art directors in LA and internationally.

An invaluable member of the production team

As a trusted and invaluable production team member, Sarah knows how to support a music, commercial TV and film set.

After college, Sarah gained experience at Warner Bros Records A&R department in LA, developing her multifaceted approach to supporting the wider media industry.

Geronimo Productions followed, which was one of Sarah’s most rewarding career experiences to date. Owned by director and producer Dr. Dre and Phil Atwell, Sarah ran the offices and was responsible for production coordination on set, including costume and set design, shopping and other organisational duties.

Geronimo Productions have produced music videos for Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A and Eminem, with Sarah working on the celebrated track, My Name Is.

Sarah later landed a marketing position in the international department at Interscope Records before gaining experience at Sony Music headquarters in Germany. It wasn’t long before the energetic, rising young executive was tasked with media promotion and production coordination responsibilities for superstar Michel Jackson and his MJ History Tour 8 in Germany alongside celebrated group, Oasis. In addition, Sarah was in charge of Korn’s festivals including Rock am Park and Rock am Ring.

Sarah’s resume also includes working on music video sets alongside the talented Toni Braxton and Mary J. Blige.

From music to screen, Sarah’s worked on big budget movies, Netflix classics and beloved household shows in the USA and there’s no project too big or too small.

Sarah’s film and TV set experience includes working within the costuming team for Sucker Punch, American Horror Story 1984, #blackAF, Judas and the Black Messiah and One Night in Miami.

Seeking opportunities to work on cover shoots, Hollywood movies and music videos

Sarah has curated print magazine covers and fashion and lingerie advertorial campaigns for the likes of Guess, Marciano, Esquire, FHM and Oxygen, as well as special lingerie editions for Flex, Muscle and Fitness.

Sarah was head of wardrobe at Playboy Magazine for three years, focusing on celebrity covers. She’s known for designing an ambitious cover featuring Pamela Anderson, inspired by the 1960 classic, La Dolce Vita. Born in Rome where the movie was filmed, Sarah was perfect for the inspired issue.

These styling talents have remained in constant demand for anybody interested in bringing a stylish and desirable look to life in print TV, film or at events. Not only does Sarah have experience in production and design, but is well known for leading styling and shoots.

Experienced in design, wardrobe styling and art direction

Sarah’s work on entertainment, advertising projects and promotional materials includes Billboards, Bacardi, Crown Royal, Budweiser and the Lingerie Bowl, as well as major calendars and cigarette company advertisements.

Throughout her career, Sarah’s designed and manufactured thousands of looks including promotional clothing and uniforms, most famously for Miller Light.

Working on an ambitious Guess advertising campaign Sarah’s shorts were later sold by the fashion giant. While working on Playboy’s Lingerie Bowl Special feature, Sarah’s designed shorts were used throughout, becoming a popular addition to her Musotica fitness line.

Reflecting on her career, Sarah said: “Being a stylist in this fast-paced industry has allowed me to quickly identify what’s missing in the marketplace, and create designs and/or direct shoots that meet my clients specific and diverse project needs.

“I began designing and sourcing hard-to-find fashions that would look incredible. I created my own fitness and swimsuit lines simply because I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for my clients, which include celebrities, directors and photographers.”

An entrepreneurial spirit and her own fashion business

Musotica allowed Sarah to design and handpick from her own collections, ideal for her industry production and styling work.

With limited capital, Sarah selectively added items while expanding her initial collection, clothes she felt would stand the test of time, sticking to strict and friendly budgets.

“A Playboy cover needs to be timeless for at least 10 years, and that’s how I began designing. Sure, I add colors and fabrics, but my core styling remains the same,” she said.

It wasn’t long before companies sought out Sarah’s expertise and knowledge, as well as Musotica’s collections for cover shoots, projects, appearances and promotional events.

Sarah added: “Production and advertising agencies trust my keen eye for selling through styling alongside my professional wardrobe styling experience.”

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